Blog Entries

Ver 22 deployed (02 Sep 2013)

ExamCell version 22 deployed today. Department role (HOD) has been implemented in this version.

Plans and Pricing finalized (19 May 2013)

Four plans are worked out for ExamCell Service.

Demo Accounts given to Engineering Colleges nearby (19 May 2013)

We have e-mailed demo accounts for ExamCell Service to some Engineering Colleges and they have started testing it out. Some gave good suggestions on what can be improved further. We thank all who spent time to checkout our service.

Website of ExamCell Service improved (24 Apr 2013)

Now that the service is ready, in place of a single page site, we have now hosted a new multi-page site to showcase the features and benefits of our service.

Marketing of ExamCell Service started (10 Apr 2013)

We have started marketing ExamCell to Engineering Colleges nearby. Got good response since there is no such software in the market so far.

ExamCell is Ready (23 Sep 2012)

After almost a year of development and design improvements, our ExamCell Service is out at last!

ExamCell Development Started (Oct 2011)

A 6-hour marathon brainstorming on the product design model on a Divali day has got us started with ExamCell Service development.

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