Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this a Do-it-Yourself Service?

Yes it is, like any other SaaS service. For the most part, College can manage it easily using our documentation. We can always help in case the College gets stuck somewhere. In the first year, we will offer free data formatting & uploading of marks and roll lists even if it takes a while for the College to get used to such a service and use all its features. Our main goals of this service are: 1) To increase the productivity of Exam Cell Wing of your College and 2) To decrease the manpower costs of Exam Cell Wing.

How secure is our Data?

We use Google Cloud to host ExamCell Service instances for Colleges. Google Cloud is a secure cloud infrastructure which runs many enterprise applications. Also, we try not to keep any confidential information (such as date of birth of students) in order to minimize the risks involved. As long as your account passwords are strong and stored securely, you don't have to worry much.

Can we have it in-house?

We do not have an in-house solution ready yet. Based on our calculations, an in-house solution is not worth the investment for an Engineering College due to server cost, system admin cost, power cost and so on. Moreover, running such a server 24x7 would add to the running costs. Our service is available 24x7 from anywhere in the world. We are working on an in-house solution for autonomous institutions and universities as such a solution would work better for them.

What about support?

As this is a cloud-hosted solution, all the feature improvements and bug fixes would be rectified and next version of code deployed almost immediately, rather than sending our support persons to your College and wasting your time. And in case you couldn't import some data during exams season due to some formatting issues, we would take care of that for you for free. However, if you want us to do all the backend work for you, we charge you nominal support charges from second year onwards.

Looks like we found a bug!

Great! Report it to us. We will try to fix it in the next release itself.

We need a feature or report to be implemented

This being a SaaS Service, if the feature or report that you want us to implement is of use to most of our current customers, we would start working on it soon. Otherwise, if you really want that feature, customization charges apply.