Service Features

Role-Based Access.

role based access feature of examcell service

ExamCell supports the roles: Student, Fee Collector, Department User (HOD), College Administrator and Management. Students, while registering for suppli exams, can register for only those subjects in which they have failed. This eliminates manual checking of the registrations by Exam Cell staff.

Bulk Data Import.

bulk data import feature of examcell service

You can easily bulk import relavant data such as Regulations, Roll lists, Student details and Student marks. You can also manually add some of these, one at a time, if needed.

Student Promotions and Detainees.

student promotion feature of examcell service

Students can be promoted from one semester to next in bulk. Those who couldn't make it to the next semester can be marked as "held", which can be used for detained students. Students can also be added manually to this list.

Powerful Reporting.

powerful reports feature of examcell service

Reporting interface now offers analytics-style features such as pie-charts to easily help understand the various statistics, such as pass percentage, exam registrations and so on alongwith regular data tables.