How it works

Initial Setup.

We provide you the format in which you have to prepare the relevant data of your College. We set up your account & help you import that data into your account. We help you out in case you couldn't do it yourself. We would ensure that your account data is in sync till the last semester exams, so that you can use it from next semester exams onwards. We recommend that you start this process at least one month before the next semester exams so that everything can be checked after set up.

Adding Notifications.

When the University informs your College of exam notifications for the upcoming semester, you have to enter that notification information into your account in the prescribed format. The interface is very intuitive as it looks similar to the notification format.

Guiding Students & Staff.

You inform all your students about 1) the web site URL of your ExamCell Service 2) their usernames and passwords and 3) the process of exam registration they should follow from next semester onwards. Students do online registration by logging into their accounts, They are given a unique registration number. Then, they come to Exam Cell of College for fee payment. The Fee Collector may search for their registration using either their roll number or the registration number, checks & collects the fee amount from students. We provide training guidance to your Exam Cell staff and advice on how to guide your students.

Comparing the Data.

We suggest that you still follow the manual process of data entry for at least one semester, so that you can compare the data of manual process and that offered by ExamCell Service. Since there is no standardized process followed by colleges, we recommend that you compare the data as mentioned above at least for the first semester of using it.

Enjoy a productive Exam Cell Wing.

As your Exam Cell staff gets used to this service, you can notice that their efficiency & productivity improves a lot, as manual processes are mostly eliminated. You can even redepoly some of the clerical staff to some other department!